Artist Profile

Norah, at 7 years old, is a talented young artist who views the world with innocent eyes and creates in a simple and enjoyable manner. Through her art, she conveys her love and care for our precious Earth. In this art exhibition, you will witness her unique artwork that beautifully portrays her deep affection for nature and the environment.
Norah has been experimenting with various materials in her art since she was 2 years old. Her early childhood education provided her with much inspiration, including using oatmeal and watercolor for painting. Since then, she has enjoyed exploring various brushes and paints at home, even utilizing discarded paper from the trash can. It seems that painting and crafting are integral parts of her daily life. She uses painting to document her travels, express her affection for family and friends, and record new knowledge she acquires.
She has a penchant for collecting toilet paper tubes and plastic water bottles at home, often gathering them with her grandma and transporting them to her studio to create intriguing handicrafts. Most of the new works on display this time are her reimagined blends of painting and recycled materials, adding more texture to her two-dimensional paintings.
Through her works, you can discern memories of her family life, as these materials are recycled household items, gift wrapping paper from her and her sister's birthday parties, party favors, or recycled toys gifted by her classmates. These warm and beautiful memories all stem from our beautiful Earth.